10 top tips for the best shared punting tour in Cambridge

  1. Cambridge Punt Company shared punting tour
  2. Cambridge Punt Company shared punting tour
  3. Cambridge Punt Company share punting tour
  4. Cambridge Punt Company 12 seater punts
  5. Self-drive punter stuck on pole!

1. Shared punting tour prices 

For the same price as a pub roast for one, you’ll float back in time along the Cambridge Backs on our shared punting tour. Step aboard, sit back, slow right down and take in the sights. It’s one of the most famous stretches of water in the world – visually magnificent and historically rich.

Our 45-minute shared punting tour is all yours for the cost of a 15-minute taxi ride (no offence to the lovely cabbies of Cambridge, of course – but we know which experience we’d prefer). For just £12 on weekdays or £16 at weekends, our shared punting tour tickets for adults are excellent value. You can’t say fairer than that!

Top tip: Book online for the best shared punting tour prices from The Cambridge Punt Company.

Cambridge Punt Company shared punting tour

2. Bring your whole family punting

From newborns to 90-somethings, our shared punting tour is one of those rare leisure experiences that is interesting and fun for all ages.

So bring your kids, bring Grandpa George and Great Aunt Maud – our boats seat up to twelve, so there’s room for everyone on our custom-made punts. We’d love to celebrate a 100th birthday on board – so if you’re planning one, let us know.

Top tip: Babes in arms (0-1 years) go free. Kids between 1 and 12 years old get a nice discount – £8 per child on weekdays or £10 at weekends.


3. Very flexible shared punting tour tickets

We don’t even mind if you stand us up – that’s how relaxed we are about things!

Top tip: You can use your shared punting tour ticket on the date you book for – or you can transfer to another day. Just let us know and we’ll sort it out for you.


4. Meet extraordinary people on your punt

You never know who you’ll be sitting next to on your shared punting tour. Swap stories with people the world over (or maybe from a mile down the road). We get all sorts, we really do – Cambridge locals, Aussie backpackers, Chinese students, Polish professors, Taiwanese teachers, octogenarian explorers, Hollywood actors (yes, really we do!).

Top tip: Your punt chauffeur will help get the conversation started on board – so don’t be shy. Let us know a bit about you and where you’re from.


5. Be chauffeured in style along the Cam (and chuckle at the novice punters)

As the delightfully named ‘Eyupmiduck’ said in a Trip Advisor review, our punt chauffeurs at The Cambridge Punt Company will steer you along the river safely and smoothly:

“Our ‘punter’, Ben, was very skilful, no crashes or bumps. Free entertainment was provided by one poor chap, getting his pole stuck under a bridge. Pole snapped – he clung on and fell in the river. Oh dear! We did try not to laugh.”

Top tip: Laugh – lots – at the self-drive punters, as they zigzag along the River Cam. They won’t mind, we promise!

Self-drive punter stuck on pole! 

6. Come punting early morning or late to beat the crowds

The best times by far to take a shared punting tour with The Cambridge Punt Company are either early morning (9am to 11am) or evening (after 6pm). These are really special times on the water. There are fewer boats competing for space and fewer crowds. You get a much greater sense of the history and splendour of the famous Cambridge University Colleges and bridges, when you have the views almost to yourself. 

Top tip: Make sure you have your camera at the ready because the light on the Cambridge colleges and the water can be stunning.


7. Bring drinks and snacks

Anyone for champagne? An olive or four? Smoked salmon sandwiches or strawberries and cream? It adds to the occasion to sip on your favourite tipple and nibble some tasty snacks. And you’ll be the envy of everyone who forgets to bring their own.

Top tip: There are plenty of bars, cafes and shops on Quayside in Cambridge – where you buy anything you fancy to eat or drink before your shared punting tour. Cheers!


8. To tip or not to tip your punt chauffeur

We’re often asked this by people who take our shared punting tours – should you give your punt chauffeur a tip? This is entirely up to you. If you’ve enjoyed yourself and think your guide has done a good job, then it’s common to leave a small tip….

Top tip: …however, we promise they won’t chase after you if you don’t!

 Cambridge Punt Company share punting tour

9. Let us know what you loved – or what we could do better

Many of our punting customers leave a review on Trip Advisor. It’s lovely to hear about how our punt chauffeurs have entertained and informed you – and of course, it helps us keep on our toes. Whilst no punting company in the world can completely satisfy all of their customers all of the time, we’re really proud that the vast majority of our reviewers give us 5 stars. If you have a suggestion about what we could do better after your punting tour, please let our staff know at the Cambridge Punt Company booking desk on Quayside or give us a call.

Top tip: The best time to let us know your thoughts is while you’re with us. Tell our punting staff on the tour if there’s something you need and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


10. Follow us on Instagram for our best punting pictures and more Cambridge inspiration 

Our very own founder, Nick, takes some pretty decent pictures on the River Cam and around the city too. He photographs inside the Cambridge colleges and along the picturesque streets. See The Cambridge Punt Company Instagram page for his best images, which might inspire some of your own adventures in our historic city. Don’t forget to share your favourite pictures from your punting tour with us – using our hashtag #cambridgepuntcompany on Instagram.

Top tip: Once you’ve taken your shared punting tour, spend a few more hours walking around the city, to discover some of the beautiful hidden secrets.

Book your shared punting tour online with The Cambridge Punt Company for the very best deals. Any questions? Please contact Jo: email jo@cambridgepuntcompany.co.uk or call 07943 820 437.

Cambridge Punt Company 12 seater punts

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