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  • Private Punting Tour in Cambridge

    Our speciality at The Cambridge Punt Company remains the traditional Private Punting Tour. (Tour duration 45-50 mins).

    It used to be that every punt tour in Cambridge was conducted privately for one group of customers at a time. The explosive popularity of Cambridge as a tourist destination has resulted in “economy class” punt travel, that is larger punts carrying several groups of different customers on the same punting tour.

    Our speciality at The Cambridge Punt Company remains the traditional Private Punting Tour. The benefits of taking a private punting tour include an immediate departure, at a time of your choosing, and a commentary that has a narrative pace which is tailored to your individual group. Our tour boats are built for up to 12 passengers so we can accommodate larger family groups, birthday parties, graduation parties, or works functions, or offer you more room for a smaller party.


    On the day


    Low Season
    High Season
    Mon-Fri 10:00 – 17:00 £120 £80 £100
    Mon-Fri 18:00 – 20:00 £120 £100 £100
    Sat-Sun 10:00 – 17:00 £180 £120 £130
    Sat-Sun 18:00 – 20:00 £150 £120 £130

    Forward booking an entire ferry punt for a private tour can in fact be cheaper than shared tariffs purchased on the day. If you require more than one boat we will endeavour to keep your group together as much as possible during your tour. So for that special occasion, book a Private Punt Tour now.


    Just use the form to the right to choose the date and time you desire. Full payment is required with online booking.  For more information email us or call  01223 569037 mob: 07943 820437.

    Please note that at peak times,  if you are late, you will receive a tour for the length of time remaining unless you give us a minimum of 1 hours notice that you are running late.  Please call if you think you may be delayed.

    If booking a tour on the day – we may not be able to guarantee your specified time slot – we will do our best, but at peak times you may have to wait


    Would you like a picnic on your tour? (all require notice – min. 2 days) Call 01223 569037 mob: 07943 820437 or email us and we will arrange it for you. Or if you have any other special requirements.

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    If after 5pm please see our Evening Tour



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