About Us

The Cambridge Punt Company

We have been running our small punt company since 2007, from an independent local punt station licensed by Cambridge City Council. This punt station incorporates seven individually licensed boat owners. Two of these boat owners have worked together for the last ten years under the umbrella of The Cambridge Punt Company. Providing a bespoke, original and personalised service in a time of large corporate (yes even in the punting world!) homogeneity. We stand out from the crowd – one of our partners actually makes our punts. We are a small group – two boat owners – Ashley and Nick. Nick’s wife Jo – who you will talk to when you call us, and a handful of close knit, long serving, well trained staff. Our manager started life as a punt chauffeur, then a tout, and this year he is managing our day to day business – he knows what he is doing, and it shows in our seamless operation (almost always – no robots, so there will be glitches!) We have siblings of our staff wanting jobs when they are old enough, and students returning to us for years in academic holidays. Punting in Cambridge is all we do, so we are pretty darn good at it!