The Sights

Unrivalled sights from the River Cam

  • Clare College Cambridge

    Clare College

    The oldest College on the River Backs, dating from 1326. Originally named University Hall. After hitting financial hardship, it was refounded by Elizabeth de Clare, and renamed.

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    Queens College, Cambridge

    Queens’ College

    April 1448 – the Charter of Queen Margaret, wife of Henry VI, to found the Queens’ College of St Margaret and St Bernard. The riverside buildings began to be erected in 1460.

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  • The Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge

    The Bridge of Sighs

    One of the most famous bridges over the River Cam. Originally built in 1831.

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    Kings College, Cambridge Punting

    Kings College

    One of the most infamous sights of the College Backs here in Cambridge. Not to be missed.

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  • Evening Punting Tour, Cambridge

    The Mathematical Bridge

    Queen’s College 1902. The bridge was first built in 1749 by James Essex the Younger, and designed by Willam Etheridge.

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