Cambridge Punting Prices

Established in 2007, The Cambridge Punt Company has been providing guided river tours along the Cambridge backs for over 15 years. A small independent company, operating from La Mimosa Mooring station, Jesus Green. We are highly recommended and top rated on TripAdvisor, receiving thousands of 5 star reviews from happy customers over the years.

Punting prices explained

Our prices for shared and private tours are highly competitive and vary depending on season, day of the week and time of tour. Punting prices for off peak days during the week are offered at a reduced price and our best prices are always available by pre-booking online rather than paying on the day.

Best Way To Book

For the best price, it’s best to pre-book your tour online before arrival. This guarantees reservation of your seat for a fixed time, saving you time and reducing the need to wait for the next available tour.  All payments made online are safe and secure.

If you are free to book on the day in person, tickets can be purchased from one of our sales tours on Quay Side, or directly from the station, located on Jesus Green. We accept cash and all major credit and debit cards. Please note that prices for tours on the day may differ from online prices, and availability may be limited during peak times.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to go punting in Cambridge?

Morning tours are the most peaceful and can be a great way to start your day in Cambridge. During the tour you will learn about the history of Cambridge University, giving you a great understanding before you begin to explore the rest of the city on foot. All our guides are highly  informative, and aside from the history, can offer suggestions for other activities and places to visit .

Afternoon tours are the busiest, especially during the peak seasons between July and August. Expect to see many first time punters bumping into each hour, students floating down the river on inflatables and to hear the occasional splash after an unlucky punter has fallen in. 

Sunset tours are the perfect way to relax after a busy day of exploring the historic streets of Cambridge on foot. By this time, the chaos of the afternoon has begun to settle and the river begins to calm down. If the weather allows, as the sun sets the sandstone building becomes cast in a golden hue.

Self hire punting

We only offer guided punting tours at the Cambridge Punting Company, which allow you to relax and leave the hard work of punting to us. However, for the daring few who wish to give it a go and punt themselves, smaller self hire punts can be rented from a handful of punt operators. 

Pricing for self hire is charged by the hour, with prices usually beginning at around £25 per hour. Although we make it look easy, please remember that it can be difficult to manoeuvre the boat and punt in a straight line, especially during peak times. Make sure you can swim and remove all valuables from your pocket before venturing out.

Where to buy tickets  

If you decide to purchase your tickets on the day rather than pre booking online, you can find us at Jesus Green Moorings. Please note that the time between ticket purchase and tour departure can vary depending on availability.

Where to arrive and arrival time

If you have reserved your seat and booked online, please arrive at our station on Jesus green at least 10 minutes before departure. Look out for our logo and friendly staff.

Luggage storage

Prams and luggage can be left at the station or taken on board if there is space available. Although we will ensure to take care of your belongings, please note that all personal property is left at the owner’s risk.

What happens if it rains?

In the unfortunate event that it begins to rain, all tours will go ahead in the rain. We have plenty of large umbrellas to keep you dry.

How much does a private tour cost?

The price of private tours varies depending on the time and season. Low season private tours are available from £80 for 2 people, whereas peak season private tours begin at £120 when booked online. Discounts are available for larger bookings of more than 12 people. Please contact us here for more information.

How much does a shared tour cost?

The price of private tours varies depending on the time and season. Low season shared punting tours are available from £15 per person, whereas peak season tours begin at £25 when booked online. Please refer to our pricing chart for specific prices.

How much does a self-fire punt cost?

Self Hire punting is charged by the hour and payable upon return. Prices and availability can vary between companies, with prices starting at around £25 per hour.

Can tickets be purchased in person?

Tickets can be purchased in person, either from one of our tours on the Quayside or directly from our punt station on Jesus Green. Please remember that the cost of tickets purchased on the day can vary depending on availability. For the best prices it’s always better to pre book and purchase your punting ticket online.

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