How to Find Us

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    Multi Storey Car Park:

    Park Street – CB5 8AS

    Walking route from Park Street Car Park

    Nearby Street Parking (CB3/4):

    Northampton Street – 2 hrs max – £0.60/30mins
    Pound Hill – 2 hrs max – £0.60/30mins
    Chesterton Road – 4 hrs max – £0.60/30 mins
    Lady Margret Road – 8 hrs max – £0.60/30 mins
    Mount Pleasant – 8 hrs max – £0.60/30 mins

    Park and Ride:

    Newmarket Road
    Madingley Road
    Babraham Road

  • Check in for your tour

    Please come to our Boating Station (See map), which you will find located on the river alongside a restaurant called La Mimosa, on the corner of Jesus Green, CB5 8AG. Any of our staff wearing our bold striped uniform will be happy to assist you.

    If you have any problems finding us on the day please call 07943 820437

    Please note there is no parking at either of these locations. Please see the map for parking options.

    Boat Station - Punting in Cambridge

    Cambridge Punt Company - Punting in Cambridge at it's best